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You are invited to experience the difference a local, independent business has to offer. At Andrews High Tech you’re never treated like just another job number for the day, but rather as one of our valued and respected clients. As a team we understand you have plenty of choices out there when deciding who to entrust with your vehicle. Our mission is to make your car maintenance experience as convenient as possible.

We’re located right in the heart of Maroochydore and happily extend out services to all surrounding areas. As just mentioned, Andrews High Tech is all about your convenience. We are always giving our clients a lift to the local shopping centres, picking up a client’s vehicle from their workplace, or dropping client’s home and picking them up later in the day. We also have a small fleet of courtesy vehicles if you need to keep moving while we care for your vehicle. We are all about doing whatever needs to be done to make your life easier.

When considering who is going to care for your vehicle you should be asking one very important question – Who will be performing the work on my vehicle?

You see most Dealerships and a lot of independent businesses employ Trades Assistants and Apprentices to perform a lot of the work in the pursuit of higher profit margins. At Andrews High Tech the only hands that will work on your vehicle are those of a fully trade qualified Automotive Technician. What’s more most of our staff are accredited with two automotive trade qualifications and currently working through their third. So when your vehicle is in our safe hands, you can be sure you are getting what you pay for.

Andrews High Tech Automotive is really several business’s rolled into one. We have our European Vehicle division where we specialise in Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen. Our Asia/Pacific division where we specialise in domestic, Japanese and Korean vehicles and our Performance division where the focus is on Performance Tuning for Petrol and Diesel powered vehicles.

At Andrews High Tech Automotive we love what we do. Take a few minutes to explore our very informative website and you’ll soon realise, not only is Andrews High Tech a true one stop vehicle maintenance centre, but also the right people to care for your vehicle.

Hints and Tips

Automatic Transmission Servicing

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Don’t be fooled by the clever wording in your vehicle handbook regarding the replacement of the oil in your transmission. Many manufacturer’s now claim the automatic transmission is sealed for life, meaning the oil never needs to be replaced. Following this strategy will indeed reduce the life of the automatic…

How NOT to performance tune a Diesel engine

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This day and age tuning the diesel engine for increase power, torque and fuel economy is all too common. And like all things there is a right way to perform this and a wrong way. Let’s have a look at some of the ways to NOT modify your diesel vehicle.…

Benefits and Features of a Haltech Standalone Engine Management System

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At AHT Performance we can supply and install the latest range of Haltech’s ECU’s. We even cater for classic cars that want to upgrade and switch over to EFI, hundreds of classic car owners the world over are making the switch to EFI and enjoying the benefits of a modern…

How NOT to performance tune a petrol engine

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As a workshop in the performance tuning industry it is all too common to have a customer coming to us looking to have their car retuned after it has already been tuned at another workshop. Whether it be that the car is not making the power the customer was hoping…
Classic Cars - Andrews High Tech Automotive Sunshine Coast

Classic Cars – Is owning one all it’s cracked up to be?

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CLASSIC CARS OR A BRAND SPANKER – YOU DECIDE. If you’ve ever been an owner of classic cars, you’ll know how much joy they can bring. They’re like moving, working pieces of history. Beautiful museums on wheels that you get to call your own. But while owning a classic car…
All Wheel Drive Hub Dyno - Andrews High Tech Auto

Our new Dyno is ready for action!

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After a very long wait our new Dyno has finally been delivered and is ready for action. Andrews High Tech is serious about performance tuning, that is why we opted for an All Wheel Drive Hub Dyno. We have the only Hub Dyno facility on the Sunshine Coast. Our Dyno…
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