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Mercedes Benz Servicing and Repairs

So how can Andrews High Tech help with your Mercedes service needs?

Your Mercedes will be under the care of one of our highly trained European specialist technicians. There are no apprentices, there are no trade assistants, rest assured that your Mercedes is in very good hands.

Our Mercedes servicing specialists use dealership grade diagnostic tools to ensure precision accuracy when detecting and repairing any faults found in your vehicle. The benefit to you is that you’ll get your vehicle back in perfect working condition sooner rather than later.

At Andrews High Tech we know we can reduce the costs of servicing and maintaining your Mercedes. We do not have the massive overheads of a Dealership and these savings can be passed onto you by way of a much lower labour rate. Our friendly Service Advisers will provide you with the option of using genuine Mercedes parts in your vehicle, or using European made generic parts of equal quality but usually much more cost effective.

Be comfortable knowing that at Andrews High Tech we take nothing for granted, the only work performed on your vehicle is work that you have authorised to be undertaken. We guarantee no nasty surprises when you are presented with your service invoice.

The right people, the right tools and the right attitude means that Andrews High Tech are the right team to care for your Mercedes.