If you are browsing this page no doubt you are considering a tracking system for your business vehicles, your fixed assets (plant) a driver/operator monitoring system or perhaps all of these things.

Researching and choosing the right products and system to suit your needs can be very confusing.

For this reason we at AHT Telematics don’t look to sell you a range of products, but rather a solution to your particular requirements.

From our experience there are some very important questions you must ask and take into consideration before making a purchase decision, these are:

  • Who is going to help me install the equipment I purchase?
  • Who is going to offer me training so I fully understand and maximise the potential of my system?
  • Who is going to offer me the backup service when I have a question and how readily available are they likely to be?
  • Will they even be in Australia and available during my business operating hours?

The first step toward making the right decision for your business is to make a call to our very friendly and very knowledgeable fleet systems expert Jon. From your conversation Jon will have a feel for what solution may best suit your needs from our suite of products.

The second step toward making the right decision is to arrange an appointment time for Jon to call on your business and take a meeting. This is Jon’s opportunity to get a real feel for how your business operates and what products should be implemented to maximise efficiency and safety of operations. A demonstration of how our tracking system works is incorporated in your meeting.

The third step is that Jon will compile and present to you a product package that marries perfectly with your business requirements.

We are the licensed dealers on the Sunshine Coast for Teletrac Navman, a world leader in GPS-based technology and information.

We also install the products we supply. Our licensed installers travel far and wide to perform installations, on anything from a small pizza delivery car to a prime mover or bulldozer.

Don’t live on the Sunshine Coast, no problem. We have client’s as far away as Mount Isa and we take care of business with them just as if there business was around the corner. The only difference is meetings and demonstrations are performed through Skype and Webinars. We still organise and execute the installation arrangements.

If you need our help, AHT Telematics offer to perform fleet monitoring for you. We are only too happy to monitor and alert you when vehicles are due for servicing and if driver abuse is recorded.

You may want nothing more than a simple system that will track the movement of your vehicle throughout the day. Or you may want something more complex that incorporates forward and rear facing cameras mounted on your vehicle and a camera to monitor your driver’s behaviour. Perhaps you want some customised electronic check lists that the driver is required to tick off and sign off on before your vehicle hits the road and again when it is parked up for the day. Well these are all things that we can arrange for you along with a host of other products you may not even have heard of yet.

One issue we are well aware of in this industry is “lack of after sales support”

We hear this comment quite often from business owners that already have been using some form of tracking system. It appears there are many company reps out there that promise the world to get a sale, only to never hear from them again once the install has been completed.

AHT Telematics is as dedicated to after sales service as we are to the initial sales process. Rest assured our business will provide the training and mentoring required to ensure your operations manager has total control over your fleet logistics.

So take the first step toward better fleet management, Jon can be contacted on 0499 690 232 or by email [email protected]