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The Popularity Boom of Dash Cams and Driver Monitoring Systems

If you have already considered investing in a driver monitoring system, it’s safe to assume that you already know how they work and what they are all about. For those amongst us who are just at the beginning of their research however, this article could be incredibly helpful.

Whether you’re enquiring about a driver monitoring system for personal or business use, the setup is much the same. A dash cam or Digital Video Recorder (DVR) sits inside a vehicle, wired into it, starts automatically when the car is started and records what is happening out on the road. Depending on the quality of dash cam you purchase they can record sound as well as video and the higher end versions provide better night vision.

While there are some exceptions, the core reason that people require dash cams seems to be to assist with insurance claims. No one likes to be in a road accident situation, let alone one surrounded by ambiguity. These systems offer a certain sense of security and ‘back-up’ if a matter turns out to be unresolved.

These road incidences where drivers have differing opinions of what actually occurred are not the only circumstances in which a dash cam is handy. An unfortunate truth is that, in today’s world, scams are more prevalent; online, by phone and you guessed it, on the roads too. Insurance scams take many forms on the roads from staged accidents and false witnesses to drivers purposely disabling their own brake lights or willingly crashing into another vehicle.

These devices therefore serve as a form of protection from a number of on-road risks from a driver’s perspective and also as a protection measure for insurance companies themselves. The fact that they can provide clear, visual evidence of an accident or incident is a key factor as far as their popularity is concerned. In addition to the on-road factor, some dash cams even have a parking mode feature which allows motion sensors to record impact while the vehicle is immobile.

Regardless of a company’s or a single person’s reason for the installation of a driver monitoring system, their ultimate goals will inevitably align. While the first priority might be to protect one’s family, staff, assets or personal safety, the end goal for all of us is road safety. The safer our roads are, the safer we all are. It’s simple, really. If we all had dash cams, there might be less room for ambiguity and more room for honest – and isn’t that a world we all want to live in?

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