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Handbook Servicing

Have your handbook servicing carried out to the letter by our experienced technicians. If you have a new vehicle warranty, our technicians can service your vehicle and the warranty will not be affected. We give you the option of using either genuine or generic parts. Compared to taking your vehicle to the Dealer our labour rates are much, much lower. Plus you have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be serviced by a trained and fully qualified automotive technician. Why not call one of our friendly Service Advisers to chat about what is involved in your next handbook service and ask for a quote.

General Servicing:

Perhaps you no longer follow your handbook service plan and want a general service on the vehicle to make sure that everything is safe and sound. Our general service plan includes a 59 point service check sheet to ensure that all the important components in your vehicle are checked for safety and reliability.

Car Servicing Sunshine Coast - Andrews High Tech Automotive

Our general service includes:

  • Changing the engine oil and filter
  • Inspection of the spark plugs (non platinum type)
  • Checking all the vehicle’s fluid levels and reporting on their condition
  • Complete suspension inspection
  • Brake inspection
  • And much more

When your vehicle service is completed and you arrive to take delivery of your vehicle, you will receive a copy of the inspection sheet plus a full written report on your vehicle’s condition. One of our friendly service advisers will then talk you through your vehicle report. When you drive away after your car service you’ll have a full understanding of what other work may need to be done soon and what other work you may have to prepare for in the future.

Air Conditioning Servicing and Repairs

Our business is licensed with the Australian Refrigeration Council and our licensed technicians are ready to attend to any of your air conditioner servicing concerns.

Safety Certificates

Andrews High Tech Automotive is an approved Queensland Transport Safety Certificate inspection station.

For all these and a range of other services, contact the specialists at Andrews High Tech Automotive.